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Keyboard shortcuts in tooltip

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a feature, but I think it would be nice to have the keyboard shortcuts for the toolbar actions to display in the tooltip when you hover over it. Most of the common ones (like Ctrl + b for bold and Ctrl + i for italics) are easy to remember, but sometimes I forget the shortcuts to insert a date or a code block.

Not gonna happen. We had someone create a PR for this before, who hard-coded the entries. This is a waste of time IMO.

I just came across that PR :smile:. I understand the issue. Probably regular use will keep the shortcuts in mind

The shortcuts are all shown in the menu. How hard is it to check the menu?

Just feels a little out of the way when I’m typing. Not a big issue, really. Just a minor thing that I’m used to seeing elsewhere.

This might come in the future, but there are a lot more pressing issues to tackle. I certainly do not want to think about this before or during the custom shortcuts project.

Sure. That makes sense, as it would probably require a framework to get the shortcut being used and display it when custom shortcuts are used.

Yeah sure it can be discussed during the project in the whole list of custom shortcuts to be decided later.