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Feature request: ToDo Expiration Dates For Sorting

I get that, but I don’t think that an alarm is the same thing as due date. An alarm is reminder, which is usually set in a relation with a due date, but they don’t have to necessarily coincide or be used at the same time. For example, I might set a task with due date in a week, and set an alarm for 2 days before that to have time to complete it. Or just set a task due in a week without an alarm at all.

However, even assuming that we would use them as one as the same, I still didn’t find an option how to sort the tasks according to the alarm date or filter them using it. Am I missing something?

I see, Joplin doesn’t support that yet. But I suspect if you implement it in an intuitive way as you’ve described your changes would be accepted.

Ok, thanks. So far I’ve never coded real software, only some data analysis in Python and Arduino scripts, but I can add it to my procrastination projects to do at some point :slight_smile:

Nice to hear, thank you! I will stay tuned and see what’s to come.

How’s it looking? any suggestions? Right now, I implemented it in mobile, then I will do it for desktop also. You can add a due date for your note or todos, and then choose to sort according to them. I will try to show the due date with title also after this. Please have a look and let me know if I can improve anything.


Looks awesome!

My only suggestion would be to have some way to show the due date in the list view. Maybe right-justify it in the same row as the title (maybe with a different font color or smaller side, to differentiate from the title).


I’ll surely do that, just doing some testing and final touches to the previous code. After this I’ll try to add due date to the list.

I have improved sorting of due dates with these 6 cases, which I think will be best for everyone:

  1. incomplete todos with less due date will be on top
  2. incomplete todos with more due date afterwards and then incomplete todos with no due dates.
  3. completes todos with less due date
  4. complete todos with more due date
  5. complete todos with no due dates
  6. notes ( sorted on their updated time, created time, id )

As soon as I get confirmation that everything is correct in this PR, I will implement due date showing in note-list also. Feel free to give any further suggestions, there is also a working video on this PR if you are interested.

That looks like a good way to handle sorting.

I would also say that incomplete TODOs without due dates should sort between #2 and #3 on your list.

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Oh I forgot to type that point, that is already there, all uncompleted todos are always on top and then sorted based on due date.
updated my post.
Link of apk with this feature, if anybody wanna try and help in testing.