ToDo Expiration Dates For Sorting

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one of our GSoC applicants added a feature as described in the original topic.
As the core team’s time is quite limited currently as we are in the final assessment rounds, we would be very happy if some of you could test the new feature to assure that it does not break anything.


Thankyou so much sir.:fire::fire::pray::pray:

I can help with the testing.

@ishantgupta777 The APK you share was based off your PR right? If I checkout your PR and do the testing, it would be enough? Or did you do something else to the release.

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Yeah that’s right, just check the apk. And see if everythink works as expected and if you face any issues, let me know here and I will fix them.
Thanks for the help.

Expeckted Behaviour:

I have improved sorting of due dates with these 6 cases, which I think will be best for everyone:

  1. incomplete todos with less due date will be on top
  2. incomplete todos with more due date afterwards and then incomplete todos with no due dates.
  3. completes todos with less due date
  4. complete todos with more due date
  5. complete todos with no due dates
  6. notes ( sorted on their updated time, created time, id )
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Notes/Todos lose their Reverse Sorting Property when a New Note/Todo is created.

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Select Due Date Sorting and Check Reverse Sorting. Elements are sorted in Reverse Order.
  2. Create a new Todo/Note
  3. Come back and see that Elements are not sorted in reverse order.

When sorting by other, I’ve seen that the reverse property is maintained.

I tested this on iOS btw.

Okay thanks for pointing that our, I will see that.

Notes/Todos lose their Reverse Sorting Property when a New Note/Todo is created.

This issue is there. I will fix it as soon as I get time. Thanks for your testing sir.

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@rabeehrz I have fixed the bug and I tested it and its working fine. I will be really thankful if you also test it and tell me if I missed something.

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I’ll test it in a bit. I use an iOS device. So I’ll have to build from your PR. Make sure you pushed your changes to your PR.

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Sure thanks. I pushed all my changes, you can have a look whenever you are free sir.

I tested your PR. It looks good now. I tried different combinations and it worked okay. Nothing broke. Good Job!

P.S: You don't have to call me sir and all. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, @rabeehrz for testing. I am glad that everything is working perfectly.

Okay okay​:smiley::smiley:

@PackElend Sir looks like everything is working in this feature, so I will just wait for the Laurent Sir to get free. Is it fine sir?

Is the code now available as an "official" plugin? I can't find it anywhere. Unfortunately, I am not yet familiar with finding and installing plugins.
I would be very pleased with this plugin. It would make working with my ToDos much easier.
Thanks in advance,