Feature Request: Support for Home Page / Landing Page

I think it would be a nice addition if one could select a note, which will be always displayed when starting Joplin (like a start page).
This should be fairly easy to implement.

I could find two more closed requests, although more complex, that did go in this direction.

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Is it such a useful feature though? For many people the app is always running so they’ll almost never see this “starting page”. It’s not like a browser where you see it every time you open a new tab.

I’m also curios for what this should be used? I can’t say I’m against or for this idea, but at the moment I can’t see it improving anything?

I have a note, were

  • i have my main directive summarized and
  • some key insights I had over the past weeks
    which I want to internalize.

Also there is a coarse schedule of the next few months and some quick access links to some important notes, that are, because of categorization, deeper in the tree.

This note would be my homepage, and I would see it at least once per day. In the current state I have manually navigate to it.

For the more complex requests I personally have no use. But eg. the history page with recent edits could be useful if two or more persons are sharing the notes.

This can be super useful. There could be a buton for it as well so it is not just something you would see when you open Joplin.

For instance

  • It can show todos/tasks are waiting to be done, ones that are done.

  • Note taking related action buttons.

  • It can list most recenly added pages from all subnotebooks

  • Sync status

  • Most recent media files

  • Other notebooks related statistics

  • Some functional buttons to add/create more complex (like in macro fashion) todos, notes etc Like functioning calender view that user can click on a date to add a new todo for that day.

I hope the devs consider it.

Another way could be to put some notes in favorites (pin notes) so that you can quickly access these notes each time you need it. But unfortunately, there is no possibility to pin notes :frowning:

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Pinned notes I can definitely see a use for... I often work on a project and need to reopen the same note frequently until the project is done. A workaround is to edit the note and then sort by last edit so it stays at the top (or alternatively, create a tag "Favorite"), but a pin feature would definitely be even better.

Joplin is awesome :laughing:

Notes so bar your idea for a tag 'Favorites' :+1::wink: I'll do it in a first time while pinned notes isn't developed yet

Thank you

Personally, I’d like it to simply open with the last note that was opened. Kinda like a browser does.

And @laurent, as heavily as I use Joplin (pretty super heavy), I still shut it down all the time, and I shut it down every time I shut down my laptop (which is often enough). So … at least some of us do that.

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@laurent : I am afraid I have to agree with t0dd and others, it is very useful to have