Feature Request: Simple Paste from pdf

there is a nice plugin for the atom text editor called notes from the pdf (https://atom.io/packages/notes-from-pdf) which gives a new “paste” keybind which pastes text copied from a PDF document and It performs the following steps on incoming text:

  • Replace line breaks with spaces
  • Repair line-break hyphenations
  • Trim whitespace from start and end
  • Change typographers’ quotes/apostrophes to regular ones and replace double-quotes with single-quotes

I use Joplin for note taking from academic papers and books so I copy-paste a lot from pdfs and then I spend some time trimming whites paces and line brakes. I think is a very useful and easy implemented feature which can save time for many people.



This is interesting. While there is no plugin for that in Joplin, I share this interesting and powerful tool based on tesseract that does ocr from screenshot: