Feature Request: search ignoring html / markdown tags

Finding would be better if one could search in text containing html (or markdown) tags ignoring them.
For example when searching abc in <b>a</b>bc or **a**bc

I'm facing a similar issue searching notes

I had to use superscript<sup> and subscript<sub> html tags in my notes.

Eg: CO2
which is actually CO<sub>2</sub> in text

Searching for "CO2" misses the text. I feel that the visual appearance should not affect the search result. It makes sense to ignore html tags when searching for content, may be in a similar way to how markdown syntax is processed.


Take a look at the https://joplinapp.org/#searching

One drawback of Full Text Search is that it ignores most non-alphabetical characters.

You can try /CO<sub>2</sub>" to search CO2

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Searching CO<sub>2</sub> returns results as expected. I'd like to see the same results even with CO2 search.

I think searching for a text should return the matches regardless of how the text was formatted. It will be much productive that way.

Hopefully, ignoring formatting tags could be implemented somewhat like how markdown formatting is processed in search. :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: Looks like I was mistaken. Search function doesn't ignore even markdown formatting. Say if I have included "60" in a note which is actually 6**0** in markdown syntax; Searching for 60 would miss it. :thinking: