[Feature Request] Make the tags useful

Greetings; I've just installed Joplin, and I'm really impressed with it. It's so close to being an actual usable replacement for my private Mediawiki. I've probably gone through all the Electron based note apps now (Which I'm not a fan of...) and Joplin 'feels' the best, and looks the best as well. (+1 Dracula!)

My usage model is basically wanting to track things from snippets (a parcel box size, UPS tracking numbers) to very long projects with a lot of references (hitting a bug bounty...). Mediawiki is really great for the latter, but not so much the former, which is why I tend to have multiple 'scratch' notepads.
So, that's my problem...

And Joplin really impresses with the near no-penalty creation of notes. Really impressive.

But the tags are worthless.

One of the great things about Mediawiki is the 'category' bit. For example, if I were writing about
Joplin, I might put it in "Notes", "Applications", "PIM", "Privacy", "Data Curating" categories, and
at some point, if I search on "PIM", expect to see it returned.

But I can't search on tags in Joplin! And, they're in a silly dropdown on the side, which becomes useless after even just 50, much less the hundreds I typically use. This seems like a serious oversight!
Are there any plans at all to make tags actually functionally useful, by searching on them, and
maybe instead of a small scroll panel, have a separate "index" page?

Or am I just trying to do something this isn't meant for?

I want to say again, I really am impressed by this -- I love that the base is a single database file
I can trivially backup (AND that I can run in portable mode), but that I can also so stupidly easily
export everything. In fact, given how polished so much of this is, it's bizarre how wonky the
tags are.

(And on the love, I want to add, my heart sang when I realized vim mode actually works! Pure

tl;dr Great program, please finish implementing tags. :wink:

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I’ve not really explored the tags much, but, in the goto anything section, the instructions say

Or type # followed by a tag name

Does that help?

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Actually, yes, that's really useful. It'd be nice if that was just built into the search itself, instead of a separate search.

So that softens a bit of my desire here, but tags are still very unwieldy. If I want to remove one, I can't just click on it and do something: I have to click on the tag icon. That's just silly. Super duper silly!

A perfect world would allow just dumping 'tags' (or allowing them to be called categories. :slight_smile:) within the actual mark down, and have it automatically parsed. (A super perfect world would
allow getting rid of the whole top: an auto-generated TOC instead of a title, no toolbar, and
the tags just inside the note itself...)

It's really not intuitive having a 'dead' listing:


Intuitive is at least being at to right click on those, or, having the same (pretty neat) editor that
comes up when you click on the tags, just by clicking on the tag


As @worker, I was wondering why the search doesn’t automatically picks up the labels.

The # trick is nice but I think it would be a lot nicer if the default search function picked up words in the labels in addition to the title and body.

I think it would be a pretty straightforward way to make labels a lot more useful, as it is I was artificially adding extra words to the title to improve searcheability. If this is added you can use tags for that.