Feature request: link preview

I’d like to have in Joplin the link preview function, just like in this forum. For example


It should be easy to implement…

Will it be implemented? I think it’s useful. Maybe it could be on/off in options.


If that is implemented, please make it an on/off option becuase I would hate seeing that in my notes. :smiley:


I don’t see this happening. At least not by default. This would create an outbound request for every preview, which is not something I want.


It could be optional, like have a setting to have a link preview

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Let me re-phrase that, since I’m not the one who makes the decisions. I doubt that this will be happening by default. Joplin is strong in privacy and doing this would challenge the status quo.
A setting or a flag in the menu is certainly possible, but I doubt this will be happening any time soon.

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I see 3 different possibilities:

  • implement it and make it a global on-off option. Keep in mind that only when you type a link on a line by itself, it will be automatically expanded into a onebox (preview) with a summary, title, and (when available) picture. (that’s the beavior in this forum)
  • implement it using a different link syntax so user can choose the standard link [...](...) or the link with preview (choose another syntax)
  • discard that feature
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I think that the feature of support embedded youtube videos (DESKTOP : Added a Markdown-it plugin to support embedded youtube videos by Rishabh-malhotraa · Pull Request #2747 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub) is very nice but not strong in privacy, given that by default, when you embed a YouTube video, Youtube tracks you whenever you view the video.

And I can't see the difference between link preview (see my proposals in the above post: preview only for the links you want) and youtube preview.

I totally agree with you here, but I am not the one who’s making the decisions.

However, there’s a difference. This embedding is supposed to be the same as embedding an image, which means you would have to use the ! character to actual embed the video. If people are stupid enough to use this, it’s not really our fault.

The PR you referenced is not acceptable to me and I would never merge it like this. I just browsed it and I think the ! was already requested by Laurent. In this case we are back at If people are stupid enough…

I have a lot of notes which have links in their own line, so without having the option to turn this off would greatly compromise someone’s privacy. (Well, not mine, since I block all outgoing connections on my machine by default anyway.)

I’m not saying it’s a bad feature. I was only saying that it should have an option and that it might take a while, since we still have PRs to merge and bugs to fix before adding new features.

I see your point and actually my feature request is not privacy-oriented.

Perhaps the second possibility ( implement it using a different link syntax so user can choose the standard link [...](...) or the link with preview (choose another syntax)) could be a better option: in this way you decide when to use it.

In this way the link preview is like a mini web clipper. Keep in mind that Joplin already connects to internet whenever you use webclipper to download images

PS: what " the ! was already requested by Laurent." means?

For the video plugin syntax, I went back and forth between ![video](https://....) and [video](https://....) settling eventually on the syntax without !.

This is because if we use the regular link syntax it means that the Markdown is valid even without the plugin. However if we use ! and you open this note in anything but Joplin, it will display a broken image, or nothing. Neither solutions is perfect, and that’s because Markdown currently lacks a way of embedding arbitrary medias - it only supports images.

Maybe we’ll see one day support for Generic Directives, which would solve many of our problems.


I thought that it would be in the list of plugins in Preferences, but checking the PR I’ve noticed that’s not the case. I mentioned in a previous post (can’t reacall if it was in a gh pr/issue or forum topic) that creating a markdown-it plugin (like the ones we added) would make the most sense. The OP agreed, but nothing happened in that regard.

How do other apps handle that? Either way, this should be noted in the documentation (in the privacy section).

This is not valid markdown and should be avoided. I'd rather have an option.

Right, but I can choose not to use it. All I'm saying is that I, as a user, want to have a choice. If some of my links magically triggered outgoing requests, I'd be pissed.




I was actually looking for this feature (something like a popup showing an excerpt, like wikipedia), but just for internal (to other Joplin notes) links. In this case, it wouldn’t have any impacts on privacy, right?

Does anyone know a plugin for that?

Check out Plugin: Note Link System, make sure that the Previewer: Enable option is on in the plugin settings, and you'll see previews of internal and external links in the rendered Markdown panel when you hover over them.