2024-03-04 - Feature Request - General link

I have described my first feature request at


Is this link sufficient information?

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Could I suggest that you make the detail of feature requests (or any other type of post) on the forum itself rather than provide a link to an external page?

The benefits of this are:

  • The post is then searchable for other forum users
  • Parts of the feature request can easily be quoted in replies in this or other threads
  • It does not require a forum user to switch between an external page and the thread to follow what is being posted about
  • Any edits to the post are easily identifiable (like the edit icon in this post)
  • The feature request would not disappear if you decided not to use Joplin Cloud any more
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As of 2024-03-04, Joplin uses two types of links:
Markdown link
external link


A Markdown link works as a direct link to a specific note in both an Android app and a Windows app when you put it manually into the search field of a Joplin app.

An external link only works for the Windows app as a direct jump to a specific note. The external link does not work on an Android smartphone with an Android app.

I suggest that a new type of “General link” is also introduced, which works equally well on an Android smartphone and on a Windows PC and which opens the note immediately in the installed app, regardless of whether Windows, Android or Apple.

I consider such a “General link” to be particularly important for collaboration in Joplin teams that use Joplin Cloud and work with shared folders.

You could post such a general link in a WhatsApp group and tell your team that they should please take a look at this note under this general link without having to worry about who has installed which Joplin app on which operating system.

You can see this kind of general link on Bayerischer Rundfunk’s offering

Example of a General link:

If this link is called up on an Android smartphone on which the BR24 - Nachrichten app is installed, the jump destination is called up directly in the BR24 - Nachrichten app.

If the same link is called up on a Windows PC, the jump destination is opened directly in the standard browser.

The BR24 - Nachrichten app is available at

An external link is not for Joplin but for something external to Joplin. I use it a lot for links between Logseq and Joplin. Since Logseq has similar URL link I can also open Logseq pages from Joplin.

In my example, WhatsApp would be the "external to Joplin" transport medium for a general link. If this link were opened on an Android smartphone, the corresponding note would be opened in the Joplin Android app; if the identical link were opened on a Windows PC, the corresponding note would be opened in the Joplin Windows app.

You probably mean https://logseq.com/
Your answer is the first reference to Logseq that I have received.
At first glance, Logseq looks like it could be interesting for me as well....
Thank you for mentioning Logseq.

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Perhaps it is possible to further develop the Joplin Android app so that it can also be accessed on an Android smartphone via the external link joplin://x-callback-url/openNote?id=...

A third link type would then not be necessary.

This is already being worked on for both Android and iOS. Check this out: Mobile: Resolves #8639: implement callback url by tiberiusteng · Pull Request #9803 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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Thank you muzhak :handshake:t3:
I love good news :smiley: