Request: add an option for show/hide sub notebook notes

On projects with subnotesbooks it would be nice to see all sub notes, like evernote organize it.
So why not give an option to enable/disable that feature.


What do you mean, you can expand/collapse a notebook, which is the same as showing/hiding sub-notebooks, or am I missing something?

I read this as - having an option so that when you select a notebook Joplin lists the notes in the selected notebook AND the notes in any sub-notebooks of the selected notebook.

EDIT: Possibly this?

It says show all notes but further on refers to seeing all notes in all sub-notebooks to the one you are in.

Yes that is what i mean, thanks.

Here a demo - i can only see the notes inside, not in tubnotebooks…
I think the request connected aims it.


Any update by chance ?
I would also love this feature and it's blocking me from switching to Joplin

Thanks for the hard work