Feature Request: Global Keyboard Shorcut to Search Notes

In Evernote, we can use the global shorcut (Windows) CTRL + SHIFT + F to select the search bar in Evernote.
It works no matter if we have Evernote opened or not.

Sometimes I'm in a call, and I wanted to do a quick search to a note. I just press those hotkeys and start searching. It's very very fast.

Can we have a Global shorcut to select the search bar, even though the Joplin app is closed? (only the tray being opened)

I've added a global shortcut once, but it was reverted a few weeks later because Linux users complained that one desktop environment also used that key combination.

Our current shortcut editor does not support global shortcuts and until this has been implemented I doubt that global shortcuts will be added.

Is it possible to create a plugin to do that?

No, this has to be in the core app.

Couldn't something like AutoHotKey do something like this?