Feature Request: Custom Sync Interval

Sync interval to be a textbox for more fine-grained control (on both desktop + mobile).
E.g. '5s' or '5 sec' for 5 seconds, '1m' for 1 minute. Could use regex for each of the times, so no matter what the user enters for the duration ('m' / 'min' / 'minute', etc), it all works:

  • seconds: /^(\d+)\ss.$/i
  • minutes: /^(\d+)\sm.$/i
  • hours: /^(\d+)\sh.$/i

Additionally, if Joplin Server ever wants to support sockets/websockets or similar for immediate push ability, that could work too.

Reason: I often alternate between mobile and desktop, and if I alternate too quickly, then the sync hasn't updated and I'm editing an old copy by accident, causing conflicts.

Ps thanks for all the great work so far. Loving Joplin and all the plugins that are coming along now.

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