Sync at faster interval with Nextcloud

Windows/Arch/iPad/Android syncing currently on version 2.9.17.

The fastest available sync setting is 5 minutes. Yet I still get conflicts constantly. Some of them seem dubious, but the recommendation from joplin is to increase the sync frequency. However, I have always used a 5 minute interval.

Is it possible to sync even more frequently? Or is there something I should be checking?

Maybe check that the time on all your devices and the server isn't out of sync.

Great suggestion. My two clocks were off by 3-4 minutes, so I used sudo timedatectl set-ntp true on my debian server and my arch client and now the times are synced.

I'll wait and see if future conflicts arise.

I'd like to argue for introducing faster sync options.

I often have Joplin open on both my desktop computer, and my laptop.
I have certain notes (like my daily todo list) which I update often, and I get conflicts at least once a week because I forget to manually press the sync button on my devices.

The current sync interval of 5 minutes is way too low for my workflow.
A sync interval of 5 seconds or less would be ideal, and I'm willing to switch to a local synchronization method if need be to achieve it.

For reference the 5 min sync isn't the only one. That is the one that grabs remote changes as well as pushing local ones but a local sync event happens very shortly after you write or edit a note which pushes your changes out.

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Is it possible (i.e. with a config file) to change the sync interval to an arbitrary time period not included in the drop down list?

Yes, by editing the config file manually (look up "sync.interval" on the forum), and also only on the desktop (and possibly Android with root access). I wouldn't go lower than 60 seconds unless you've got a very specific reason for it (and as mentioned previously, local changes are pushed out almost immediately anyway, i.e. the interval is mainly for pulling remote changes in). The reason is that there will surely be a performance impact if the application keeps trying to sync changes constantly, and also the "Synchronise" button with its info text flashing all the time would be way too annoying.

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