Feature Request and donation

Wokwi.com is an online simulator for electronic devices, Arduino, ESP, and the like. They have a club and a voting system I feel Joplin should adopt. Here is their page explaining the VotePowers. First, voting on features costs $1. Say I want Spell Checking to be your priority, this is linked to a feature request in GitHub, and everyone else who wants this feature will also vote with $1. The simplicity is it shows the development team what is critical now. Next, it has a VIP club feature where members can sign up for a monthly subscription for bonus votes.

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first of all pls say who gets the money. thx!

I guess the development team, or it could be a purse to whoever solves the problem.

thank you. I like transparency and could not find the info myself on the page you linked.

No problem, Wokwi uses https://www.paddle.com/ to handle all the payment subscriptions. But I think Wokwi uses GitHub to handle all of the voting and feature requests.

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Similar idea implemented by webpack

Managed with Open Collective

Curious about more projects doing exchange of donations for votes. Please share if you stumble upon them