How to create a "vote" message for members to vote for new features?

Dear Joplin forum admin,

as titled.


You can create polls but otherwise the method is to use to like button on the first post.

I think the like button is the better option. If there's already a feature request, press the like button, and maybe comment to explain why you think it's important, or add any info you have that hasn't been mentioned before.

Personally I feel that polls are misleading and don't convey much useful information. What if a feature has 1000 votes for it? Does that mean it's more likely to be implemented than another feature that has zero votes (because no poll was setup)? Of course it doesn't. The feature with 1000 votes might never be implemented for all we know, and the other feature could be, because a lot of it depends on the personal interest and objectives of contributors.

Where votes are useful it's on GitHub for example, because we can sort all feature requests by "thumb up", and that allows us to have an overview of the most popular features.

To summarise the current informal (and slightly idealised) procedure regarding Feature requests (FRs):

  1. FRs are encouraged to be opened in the forum first
  2. FR to be sufficiently discussed: based on replies, views, likes of first post (tracked as top topics sorting in #features)
  3. No objection from the team has been raised
  4. During the discussion use cases to be listed/flashed out and receive sufficient attention
  5. Discussion summarised as github issue
  6. Depending on the feature, tech spec could be drawn as replies to the github issue, or/and the FR could be nominated for next dev event (i.e. GSoC)
  7. Pull requests are linked to the main issue
  8. (?) Top post of the issue is updated with learned lessons

I get that it might be too simplistic and depending on the situation, the path might be completely different, but as a rule of thumb maybe we can point new members to it?
If so, have you got any issues with this path (so I could possible rewrite it)?

Or you'd rather keep it all flexible and not explicitly define this structure?

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