“Fail-safe” activated, what now?

Good morning,
I’ve recently setup a Nextcloud and wanted to sync my notes there. I’ve created an empty folder on my cloud platform - “Joplin”, entered all the login details on my iOS app where I kept all my notes and hit “sync”.
My notes started disappearing very quickly. Some of them were spared and moved to a folder called “Conflicts”. The rest are gone.
The log reads: “Last error: Fail-safe: Sync was interrupted because 95% of the data is about to be deleted
Well alright, but as far as I can tell it has already been deleted from my device? How do I restore? I don’t have external backups of this.

Tech details:

  • I am using iOS app version 12.3.1
  • I am syncing with nextcloud
  • I am on iOS 15

Do you have an up to date desktop application? It is usually best to do things from there when doing something big like changing a sync target. You should first back up all your data by exporting as a JEX file.
I don't think it shows on the mobile app but on the desktop app it shows this message on your sync target screen:

Attention: If you change this location, make sure you copy all your content to it before syncing, otherwise all files will be removed! See the FAQ for more details: FAQ | Joplin

Normally (so far as I've experienced it) the failsafe kicks in when you first try to sync to an empty sync target so I'm surprised it didn't kick in before removing the data.

Otherwise I'm not sure what the answer is here, if you had note history enabled you might be able to recover the data from the sql database but I don't know if the mobile app database can be plugged into the desktop one and you would likely be in for a lot of manual fixing.

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