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Export to other services?

I started using Joplin after suffering some data loss in Onenote, then realizing there is no clear way to take my notes out. It is a very pleasant change, and I like being able to make local copies, but I worry about being stuck again in the future.

I am confused by how export is supposed to work. On the mainpage guide it says that "One of the goals of Joplin was to avoid being tied to any particular company or service...". But of the JEX format it says " is convenient for backup purposes and can be re-imported into Joplin." Then the desktop app has more options: to export as RAW, md, or json.

But which of these is likely to be reliably imported to other notes services? Will each have a different result? Has this been tested? There is no manual :confused:

P.s. On my desktop app, v, both "md" and "raw" exports create .md files. uhh.

The bigger question is: what format can reliably be imported to other note services? And the answer is there is no such universal format (unfortunately).

So Joplin offers some alternative export options: one of them is Markdown export, which will export all notes and attachments to a directory, which can then be read by any text editor.

Another option is the RAW format, which preserves everything, including tags and other metadata. The format can easily be parsed and converted to a different format, however it’s not standard so it can’t be directly imported into other apps.

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