Export Tab Under Preferences

As a power note and meeting minutes taker, I want to be able to define my file export configuration settings so that I can provide my team with specifically formatted files that conform to our internal documentation standards.

I’d like to see an Export tab in Preferences that allows me to set some basic options that define how each exportable file type is rendered. This tab would have a section for each native export file type within Joplin with a few adjustable settings. Just a couple of features for some of the file types would be something like:

Export the whole notebook as one file (Y/N)

Orientation (Landscape/Portrait)
Page size (Letter/Legal/A4)
Ignore userstyle.css (Y/N)

[define default export directory path]

Under General settings there is an advanced settings toggle with options to set orientation and page size.
I agree that these other ones would also be nice though and and export tab would make sense in that case.

You’re correct, they are under General. I should have been more clear that I believed those settings should be under their own tab. IMO, grouping page settings in a collapsible menu in the same place that you change your date and keyboard settings is just not good UX.

My proposal is to create a new tab, consolidate current page settings, and then add additional settings to increase export functionality. Now Joplin expands its abilities while also being more intuitive to use. With a dedicated tab, I know exactly what to expect when I open it up and I’d know where to edit the settings I need right away. As it is now, I think Preferences > General > Advanced Settings is too hidden (and in the wrong spot).

(And speaking of misplaced export features, I’d also move Import/Export to the Tools Menubar section, but that’s a conversation for another thread).