Feature Request: Streamline Repeated Exports

When I'm getting ready to export a note as a document to be shared, I'll often proofread it in its exported format (e.g., HTML or PDF, for instance). When I do this, I'll typically find typos or other corrections that need to be made and will go back into Joplin, make the edits, and repeat the export process. It seems to me that this workflow could be streamlined.

For starters, the save dialogue Joplin brings up when exporting a note defaults back to the same /usr/share/joplin-desktop directory every time, meaning a user has to navigate back to the directory where they want to save the updated export file. (This is the behavior on Linux, anyhow — not sure about other platforms.)

It'd be amazing if the Export context menu included a Repeat Last Action option that would export the file with the same format, directory location, and filename as used previously, obviating the need to navigate the save dialogue every time the user needs to change a comma.

Failing that, it would at least be nice for the Joplin export dialogue to default to the last-used directory when exporting, or to be able to set the default directory for exports in the application preferences.

Thanks, as always, for an amazing application. It's become essential to my daily work and life and I'm so thankful to have it.

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