Exist the possibilty to define different custom variables for different templates?


first thanks for this greate piece of software and all the good plugins the community has created. I work as a project engineer on different projects. Each project has f.e. a unique projectnumber, unique projectname, different contact persons and so on. During the project time I need for every project the same documents but with different values (projectnumber, ...) Exist the possibilty to prepare for every project something like a configuration file with the needed variables to create the needed documents with the same template?

I saw the notes variables plugin from DanteCoder for global variables. Is it possible to load/store diffent config files with this plugin?
If yes it would be possible to save for every project a unique config file and if needed you can load them.

Thanks in advanced

I think you want the template plugin for this

It allows you to create any number of templates and even allows for custom variables in the templates. You can create one template for each project, or just setup the variables to be versatile across projects.

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Hi CalebJohn,

i had a look at the template plugin. Principel it will work for my purpose but I have to input all the values for each document i like to "generate". I search for a solution that i only once create a config file with my needed values and can use this for all the different documents.

Currently I look If I can do this with LaTex and then just import the generated pdf file to Joplin.

But thanks for your help.

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