Evernote revert workflow

Just curious - this was asked here, but never answered, is there a workflow for reverting back to Evernote if things don’t work out with Joplin?

I’m pretty happy with Joplin but have had an absolute nightmare getting sync working with self-hosted reverse proxy. Webdav sync is painfully slow and I’m not that impressed with the workarounds - especially on mobile apps. I’ve actually ended up running it through Dropbox for now, and am hoping I can get the Android sync working with local Dropbox cache to get it started. I like the product, and much happier running FOSS software, but there’s always a risk I can’t get an essential feature to work, then have to replicate all the work I did inside Joplin back in Evernote - or revert back to an older version and have to import notes without any tagging or date information.

I (probably a bit prematurely) played around and did a bunch of organisation in Joplin on my imported Evernote notes, if I can’t get sync set up properly, I’d hate to have to lose all that work.

I note there’s markdown and html export. Neither of them preserve tags or dates. I’m sure the JEX has all this, but how many services support JEX importing?

I’m sure there’s folks who may want to sync up Evernote and Joplin as well. If I’m missing something here, I’d be interested to know. Just nice to have a way out of Joplin without relying on the JEX data structure being imported into whatever other service I may eventually need.

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