Nexcloud Sync Broken?

So I have setup a Nextcloud docker on my NAS in order to be able to use cloud features + Joplin.

Everything is working fine EXCEPT Joplin on Android.

Joplin on Linux is working fine , every other nextcloud app on android is working fine except Joplin.
I have tried a lot of things but Joplin on android is not connecting to nextcloud somehow.

webdav ip is for example : http://myip:8888/remote.php/webdav/Joplin/

I think the reason is because I am using port 8888 to redirect the connection and I think Joplin on Android doesnt understand the port number so it gives network connection failure.

Please have a look at this issue

Thanking you in advance!

I can confirm the save WebDAV problem on Android with Joplin version 1.0.271. I have two Windows laptops that sync properly with the same credentials on the same network. If I could roll back the latest app update, I would - but that doesn’t seem to be an option for Joplin on Android.

FYI I’m using port 808 for WebDAV

There was an issue on gh (it might still be open) that there's no support for non standard ports.

Furthermore, there have also been a lot of gh issues and topics in this forum that the new Android API (please complain to Google) blocks HTTP traffic.

The API was updated in the last Android release. Yet again, this is not a Joplin problem. We can't stick with old APIs forever.

If you are unhappy with this, please talk to Google. They made the change, not Joplin.

Why not?

well if its a google problem why all apps on android works and not Joplin???
Android Nextcloud works , Carnet works etc

Because they haven’t updated the API yet.

As already discussed in other topics, I’m sure Laurent will try to find a workaround. However, as also mentioned in other topics, at one point, there won’t be a workaround anymore. You can scream, you can be angry, it won’t change the fact that https will be the only protocol available in Google, Apple, Microsoft APIs.

So be happy that some apps still work somehow, sometimes, because they won’t for long.

Don’t think that I don’t understand your issue. I do, but developers can only use the tools and APIs they are given.

I think I will take a break on commenting on Android http sync issues. So long.