Error executing "UploadPart"

Joplin Desktop: 2.6.10
OS: Pop!_OS 21.10
Joplin Android: 2.6.8
Android: 12
Cloud provider: Nextcloud (TheGood.Cloud)

I'm getting this error on both the android and desktop Joplin application:

Completed: 02/19/2022 10:27 (61s)
Last error: Error: PUT locks/1_1_c347efaeec4c43f2836053c7e4da5d1a.json: An exception occurred while uploading parts to a multipart upload. The following parts had errors: - Part 1: Error executing "UploadPart" on ""; AWS HTTP error: Client error: `PUT` resulted in a `403 F

Not sure how to resolve it. I was able to log in to my cloud provider and everything seemed fine. Any thoughts?

That's not Nextcloud I think, but just generic WebDAV which seems to be backed by AWS S3. It's not a Joplin error, you'll need to contact your cloud provider for this.

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