Enhanced converter from Zoho Notebook HTML to Joplin

Hello, there!

I am trying to move to Joplin, so I had to import my notes that are stored in Zoho Notebook. Looking around, the help page linked to a forum post that then linked to a Python script made by @use:

While it worked, it did not work as expected, missing attachments and not converting to-do's, for instance. So I decided to make an improved version. I hope the original author does not mind!

Project page with more info and instruction on how to use it:

Some features:

  • It should work witn any OS, provided Python >= 3.8 is installed
  • Attachments are copied and should be imported into Joplin properly
  • A list of links are added to the end of the note (workaround for Web/Bookmark notes, can be disabled)
  • Properly convert ToDo lists (note with checkbox list)
  • Properly import reminders (the code tries to import the times converting them to Zulu timezone, but please check them in Joplin after importing since, for me at least, the expored HTML used a timezone that has nothing to do with my settings in Notebook)
  • A line break is added between </div><div> found in the original HTML to better display lists, etc (can be disabled)
  • Illegal characters from notebook and note titles are replaced by a space (or removed from the title) to avoid errors when importing into Joplin

Known limitation: it seems that the exported HTML files contain the creation and modification date for the notebook only, and not for the note itself, so the note creation and update dates are lost when exporting the notes from Zoho.

I have used it on Linux, but it should work on macOS and Win as well, but it was not tested. If you use it on another platform, please report any errors or success. PR are welcome!