How to export notes from the ZOHO Notebook in Joplin?

Only import in html or znote format is available in Zoho Notebook. Can't move it manually, there are too many of them.

For other support queries please indicate:

  • Version In LInux - 2.4.12-1
  • Garuda Linux (This Arch)

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If you already got html version of notes, that's great. You need to convert them to .md and Joplin should import it with no problem after that.

To convert from html to markdown (.md), you can use pandoc. Install pandoc, navigate (with a terminal) to the folder with your html notes and run this:

for f in *.html ; do pandoc ${f} -f html -t markdown -s -o ${f}.md ; done
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Maybe someone will need it, I wrote a simple Zoho Notebook html converter to Markdown + FrontMatter in python. At the output, everything is sorted into folders and data is indicated in the notes (title, created, updated, due). (4.9 KB)

pip3 install bs4 rich markdownify
python 3


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