End-to-end synchronization

end-to-end synchronization
Considering the real world environment of Joplin users, I have a feature suggestion to support end-to-end synchronization between computers and phones.

End-to-end synchronization means that computers and mobile phones can directly connect and synchronize the notes, files, and other databases saved in Joplin in the same Wifi scenario. And this feature should be as easy to use as possible and be able to take into account the users who use the agent.

For me, syncing through any third party is not practical for my situation. What I need is immediate sync between computers and phones, in the same Wifi scenario.

What you want to do is currently possible since could simply setup a WebDAV server on the same computer as your desktop client, then everything is on your devices without any third party.

This can also be done with syncthing

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I also use syncthing to synchronize notes. In this case, I don't need to use a third-party storage platform, which will be more secure. But I found a problem. Joplin divides each note into many md format files. I have about 3000 notes, but more than 30,000 md format files are generated during synchronization. These files are very small, and each of them is insufficient in size. 1kb (the smaller the file, the slower the transmission speed), resulting in a very slow transmission speed, sometimes less than 1kb/s. I think this is the biggest problem of joplin.