Encryption and sync passwords deleted by CCleaner

In windows 10, when I run CCleaner, the Encryption password and password for the Nextcloud server I use for sync are deleted. Nothing else is deleted and everything works once the passwords are re-entered.

Where are these passwords stored and does anyone know if there is a particular setting in CCleaner that can be turned off to avoid this?


On Windows the passwords are saved to the keychain. I have no idea about CCleaner but maybe you can exclude the whole keychain, because its content is probably not more than a few KB.

Thank you. I cannot see a corresponding setting in ccleaner, but I'll continue to look into it now that I have a direction...

Just downloaded CCleaner into a VM to see if I could help.

It looks like Custom Clean > Windows Explorer > Network Passwords is the setting that is destroying your password store.

Note that the warning box says any saved passwords.

Thank you very much.

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