Messed up on enc once and now it keeps encrypting everything?

Sorry for the vauge subject, i couldnt figure how to sum up my situation.
First, thankfully, I have a back so I am safe so to speak.
Second, I just set up nextcloud syncing and thought that I just looked at the encryption page but when I went back to the main window it had a little notice at the top to set the password? So i went to the encrption setup and it showed the set password box with an X in it. I didnt think too much of it so put in a password then save, still a red X, so i tinkered some more, actually reencrypted and that worked in so far as i had gree check but figured i’d just start over so in linux I deleted the ~/.config/Joplin and ~/.config/joplin-desktop directories, deleted the files in my nextcloud account, and restarted to joplin appimage.
I then tried syncing joplin on my other computer (winbox), all notes disappear (since i erased them on my nextcloud account), I restore my backups, sync the winbox and it seemed ok except when I looked on my nextcloud account it had all these encrypted files? On the winbox I didnt set encryption, when I look at all the settings nothing seems to indicate its encrypted, and I am able to view and edit notes but when i sync with nextcloud they show up as encyrpted, and ditto for my linbox, when i nuke the config directries then sync they are encrypted on my linbox?
help! (and thank you!!!)

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I’m having a similar issue, would love to see the resolution.

uhm, holidays are over so I tried this again and it synced… but everything that synced is encrypted on the synced device but not encrypted on the origonal device (which I changed settings to unencrypted). this is a bit confusing. Is there a way I can “start over” without loosing all my notes? I assume the backup I have is also encrypted?
… help!

How did you create a backup? Backups shouldn’t be encrypted.

When you say everything is encrypted on the synced device, does that mean that you can’t view the files because they’re encrypted?

If you want to nuke everything, just uninstall joplin and delete your joplin folder, the location of that folder is near the top of the page under Tools -> General Options, it should look something like
Notes and settings are stored in: /your/joplin/folder

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I am not sure if the backup is encrypted or not, I just assumed, I just used the export option.
So I should be able to just nuke everything (except the backup) then import my backup and everything should be kosher again?

Absolutely, before you re-import just double check that you cleared everything properly by going to the encryption page and make sure nothing is set there.