Encountered unexpected behavior of Heading Markdown tag

Underline below Heading 1 and did not encountered anywhere else in heading 2,3 and 4.
Would it be considered as an issue?

Hey mate,
I don’t think its an Issue.
Furthermore this section of forum is reserved for discussion about new features.

moved to #support

It’s a feature

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moved to #features


If you do not want the line under text set as H1 using the # markdown character, add the below to your userstyle.css file.

h1 {
    border-bottom: none; /* Removes horizontal line under h1 text */

You do not need to enter the text /* through to */ as it’s just a comment. I have just got into the habit of commenting any css changes I make so that if I later want to amend or delete something in the css I know exactly what each line does.

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