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Embed notes inside a note

It would be nice if one could embed notes (the content of them) inside a “parent” note.
This embedded note might be not editable (view only) but would be one click away via link.

It would help editing notes that are large by having them chunked down to child notes.

So, a hyperlink between notes? Or the actual contents of the ‘embedded’ note?

Not the OP, but I would like this as a way to embed the entire note. Would be useful when editing and to consolidate a group of notes around a similar topic.

The internal cross-linking would also be useful, I’ve seen it discussed a few times, most recently here Internal Quick Linking + Mindmapping.


@Rootman @uxamanda Actual contents of the ‘embedded’ note. If it would be too hard to make those editable (i guess it would) then “view only” mode would be sufficient imo.

One could read while scrolling through embedded notes and if he wanted to edit one of them he would just go to it via link and edit there.

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