Embeding Notes

I realize there were discussions about it before but couldnt find a solution, is there a way to embed notes inside another note? or any plan to add as a feature in the future?

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can you elaborate ?

Ability to show one notes content in another note, even read only would be wonderful.

… kind of embedding it like it’ done with images, I think. I thought there was a plugin to achieve that, perhaps to embed paragraphs of another note only, but could not find it…

Indeed there were a few discussions in the past. The latest conversation that I recall was here. We discussed 3 existing workarounds using various plugins. These are not optimal or complete solutions though, like the ones that exist in a few other modern apps (still waiting for the perfect plugin), but perhaps they will do.

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... I suppose you want it updated automatically, every time the (embedded) note changes ? otherwise a simple screenshot would do the job.

... the perfect plugin ? :partying_face: