Email login hangs on "loading"

I am trying to use the email plugin to grab email from a custom domain gmail account. It puts up a loading message and nothing else happens. I have tried it with normal username/password as well as an app password with the same result. Any advice appreciated.

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Hi. I've recently posted about exactly this issue - please see this thread:

Here is another option for you to consider. I use the free Thunderbird email client, actually I'm using "betterbird".

There is a plug-in for this mail app that links to the Joplin Web Clipper feature and all you need to do is in your email client select all of the messages that you want in your Joplin database and click one button and in a few seconds all of the notes are created for you in a dedicated notebook.

It's called "Joplin Export"


Thanks, Leo. I do use Thunderbird. I haven't tried BetterBird yet. The extension you pointed me to worked well. Thanks very much for the pointer.

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Well done Leo. You have sealed the fate of Evernote for me. I am 99% sure I will abandon Evernote because of their greedy price increase.

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I have another one For you actually two.

Not sure if You have used or taken advantage of Internal links The link from one Evernote note To another Evernote note?

If so comma That data Does get imported into Joplin Only Doesn't get Used properly. there is a plug-in For Joplin that Resurrects your Note to note links So you can use them in Joplin.

This program will allow you to export your entire collection of notebooks even if you have hundreds of them into a small relatively small SQL light database that then has a command line option to write all of the data to Evernote notebooks in a folder that you can then Mass import into Joplin.

Lastly, if you are accustomed to publishing notes to the web in Evernote and would miss that feature in Joplin there is a plug-in for Joplin that lets you publish notes to GitHub gist.

This one you can install from inside Joplin by loading a plug-in called publish to web.

You need to create a free GitHub account if you don't have one and set up gist.

You can publish any of your notes to your gist and make them either private or public and a hyperlink to your GitHub account gist section will replace the ability to publish notes to the internet in Evernote. The only downside is they are published and then don't get updated if you modify the note but it's better than nothing.

The Joplin plug-in that does this is called "publish to web"