Editing mouse-right-click has only 'copy'

Version: 1.0.227 Linux on Ubuntu 20.04 PC
When editing notes, mouse right-click always shows and only shows ‘Copy’, never ‘Paste’ and/or ‘Cut’.
The usual short-cuts do work just fine: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, etc… but just the pop-up menu on right-click is limited.

In case it helps debugging, on Kubuntu 20.04 with Joplin 1.0.226 I see all three options:

I did not check everything before, sorry. Update:
It is okay in the Code View editor. Left-click menu shows Cut/Copy/Paste
The problem is in the WYSIWYG editor : only ‘Copy’ nothing else in the pop-up menu.

Other check… the pop-up menu show all options in the field for the name of the note, even in WYSIWYG.
So it seems the pb is only in the main text of the note, in WYSIWYG, but if it’s ok in the title field, hopefully it should not be a bit deal to fix it.
The WYSIWYG is actually pretty good. I have not used Joplin much yet (installed about a week ago) but so far it looks good!