Duplicated tags after upgrading to 1.0.127

Version: 1.0.127
OS: Linux, Fedora 29
Synchronization: Dropbox

Steps to reproduce: upgrading to 1.0.127 from old version by downloading .AppImage file and replace the old binary.

Expected behavior: No duplicated tags in Tags section
Actual behavior: Many duplicated tags display in Tags section.

I might have a clue, I have 4 machines that all use Joplin with same Dropbox account, maybe it happens when Joplin try to import the new “Welcome!” note book folder. Deleting this notebook fixed the problem removed all the duplicated tags.

I updated the Android app and same problem happens. I’m not sure how to fix, there is no “Welcome!” notebook anymore.

Confirmed that following @favadi’s steps reproduces the same duplication behavior with a fresh install of Joplin on Mint Linux 19.1. I am using a personal WebDav on a bluehost server.

These tag duplications appear after syncing with my Joplin Android or Windows clients.

Deleting the Welcome! notebook resolves the problem locally and deletes the Welcome! notebook across my machines, but creates duplicate tabs any new notebook added on my one of my clients.

could be related to this issue

@foxmask The behavior looks to be the same. Thanks.

updated to 1.0.241 (android) this morning and the issue is still here