Question about getting tags from API

I am using Joplin (1.0.152, 1.0.252) from multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Android) all synced to a private NextCloud instance.

I am trying to use the API to query the list of tags.

Until now I have not been using tags, so I deleted all the tags that were created by the Welcome notebook when I first installed Joplin on each device. There were no tags listed in the left-hand menu on desktop Joplin.

For this test, I created a new note and tagged it with three tags: “one”, “two”, and “three”. Now, I have three tags listed in the left-hand menu on desktop Joplin.

When I query the tags over the API, the returned results contain those three tags but also three copies of tags “attachment”, “search”, “synchronizing”, etc., and one copy of tag “four” that I created and deleted earlier.

Is this expected? How can I delete unused tags for real?


You can’t currently delete tags - they are just hidden when not in use.

OK, I see, thanks.

What about the fact that I’m seeing multiple tags with the same title, e.g., “attachment”?
And multiple tags with almost the same spelling, U.S. vs. British: “organizing” and “organising”?

I’m certain I didn’t create those, could they have been part of the Welcome notebook.