Duplicate notebook names when importing

Version: 1.0.170
OS: Arch Linux

I have a directory structure with yearly directories with directories with the same name.
Example: 2018/folderA and 2019/folderA

When importing .md files from this structure I end up with: 2018/folderA and 2019/folderA(1).

I have to manually rename the folderA(1) notebook.

I have a similar structure to yours in one of my notebooks, used as a diary. What I ususally do is to name the folders with an “appendix” connoting the year, eg not just “01 Jan” for January, but “01 Jan 2019” or “2019 01 Jan”, “2019 02 Feb” etc, because I thought that if I misplace or copy the folder, I would have no way of telling where it came from, if it is just “01 Jan”, I would have to look at the content with no guaranteed results. This must be the case with folders with the same name in different notebooks or parent folders, even with notes with recurring names.