Dropbox sync problem/ windows10 joplin1.0.179

dropbox sync problem
When I want to establish dropbox sync,and I authorize in dropbox,then fill the code provided by dropbox into Joplin,and It showsimage
Use windows10 and joplin1.0.179
Thank you.

Hi, there! I have the same Problem as skirun:

Windows 10 and joplin 1.2.6

Does anybody have a clue?

Thanks in advance

Are you behind a proxy?

Yes, I think so, corporate, it‘s my office machine.
But no problem to access Dropbox via browser.


As far as I know Joplin does not support proxy.

Thank you for your answer. That means, there is nothing I can do to solve the issue? As long as I'm behind that proxy?

I believe so. This was discussed before here, I suggest you try checking the forum, maybe there's a solution.