DropBox Sinc is not working behind proxy


I'm new Joplin user
I do really enjoy using this software : Thanks and congratulations for you nice job

So Joplin is working fine from my computer at home
and from my Android phone
DropBox Sync is working perfectly

But at Work behind the corporate proxy
the DropBox sync is not working
After allowing the Apps to acces the DropBox folder
when i pasted the coded (displayed on the dropBox page) in the Jopling Dropbox login
I receive an error

I used the windows release, the portable version
on my Windows10 professional 64 bits - release 20H2

Joplin 2.4.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: ecf247....
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: bb44c4e

log.txt file located in JoplinProfile folder tells
log.txt (48.6 KB)

I stay free to give you more informations



@jc06 welcome to the forum.

I am in no way an expert on this but could it be that your company is inserting its own TLS certificates between you and the Internet? Some companies implement such a system so they can read / scan https traffic in and out of their network (like a "Man in the middle" attack).

Your company computers could have the company root certificates installed on them and so https connections made by the company computer would not fail (that's why you can get the authorisation code). Joplin (Electron) however does not use the certificate store on the machine upon which it is run and uses its own. That would be why using the code fails as this is when Joplin "talks" directly to Dropbox.

I am not saying that this IS the reason you are seeing the error, just suggesting why you may be seeing the error.

You're probably right about TLS certificates considered as "Man in the middle" attack

But how can I resolv this bad behavior

I'm going to try the new pre-release version

You can't. Joplin does not support a proxy, otherwise you could use one outside of your company.

You could use a VPN like Wireshark so that your company's transparent proxy is not used. However, it might be that the security guys in your company will send you an email as soon as they determine that you circumvent their spy system. Btw, you should be aware that your company currently can also read your private emails.

It's a shame
So I disgard using Joplin from my work

But I deeply keep this software for myself : great features
Nice and long life to the team

Maybe we'll add proxy support at one time. I had a go at it twice but there were a few obstacles I couldn't overcome. We are using react-native thus we have to use a module, but all of them had certain limitations. Right now we can't even use h2 on desktop...

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