Dropbox resource folder too heavy because of encryption?

Hi all,

I am trying Joplin and I am loving it so far. What I do not understand is why my Dropbox folder is so heavy. There is a .resource folder and inside of it I can see 3 files that are 246M each. All the notes in total take only 2-3 MB instead.

I am sure that I did not attach any heavy attachment. I am using encryption, could this be the problem?

Encryption makes the files a little bigger, but not so.

Use the file name and search for it in joplin to finde the note witch use this resource.


Thank you very much, I just removed the notes in my dropbox folder (copying and pasting their content in other notes). Very strange behavior though

Looking in my local joplin-desktop\resources folder and assuming that Joplin sends the .crypted version to the sync target server, it looks like an encrypted file takes up nearly twice the space of an unencrypted one...


... or have I made a false assumption?

I think you are right.
I have tried the encryption only once and then no more. I did not have so many notes and attachments for the test.

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