Notes 2 times heavier after encryption in Dropbox

Hello everyone!
Please, who can explain me, why my notes have become 2 times heavier after encryption?
I use Dropbox for syncing notes between the desktop and mobile apps. Yesterday, I encrypted all notes starting with the desktop files. Their sizes in the desktop remained the same, but Dropbox files are now occupying 2 times larger space. How could it be?
I switched file history off, but it did not help.

I use Joplin 1.0.175 under MX Linux environment, great app, switched from Onenote and Evernote.

How many MB before vs how many MB now?

257MB before vs 517MB now, and I dont see any file version history in Dropbox.

I have found the version history in Dropbox, but it doesn’t take up any of the available storage quota according to this:

so the question is still alive

I have created a testing account in Dropbox, and an additional Joplin installation in VirtualBox. What I have found is that the total size of all notes (in Dropbox) doubles after the notes have been encrypted, and returns to original size after decryption! Weird thing.
And the same goes with Microsoft Onedrive cloud.

This is normal as the encrypted data is base 64 to allow compatibility with mobile app.

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Thank you, Laurent, I’ve got it.