Are attached images in note encrypted in portable version?

Guess I’m a little confused as how the encryption would work, especially on a portable version, are the images encrypted as well as the notes?
As far as I can tell the notes are encrypted and saved inside the sqlite file, but the attached images are saved inside the resources folder?

Since I’m using the portable version I just put my Joplin exe and profile folder inside my Dropbox folder so I can use Joplin on desktops I don’t have admin right for at work, but here is the question, if the images are inside the resources folder does that mean they are not encrypted at all and will be uploaded to Dropbox server and therefore accessible by a Dropbox staff?

Thank you!

I’m probably not the best person to answer this, but I think the answer is yes in your setup the images (and all your notes) are stored unencrypted and are therefore accessible to Dropbox staff.

Hi, if possible could we get a confirmation on whether this is the intended behavior i.e. when using the portable version, attachments in the resources folder are NOT encrypted?

I’m seeing a little weird behavior around this which is making me question whether this a bug:

  1. I see both encrypted and non-encrypted versions of each attachment:
  2. The last time I noticed this I “re-encrypted” the data from the Encryption Settings and I believe I saw the non-encrypted versions disappear but I could be mistaken and don’t quite want to re-try right now since I have a TON more attachments.