Drawing with a pen

In fact, this is just a problem with the md renderer. As long as the renderer supports processing the special file you mentioned, it should be able to render it correctly, then edit it in an external editor and automatically synchronize it (currently I use this method to edit flowcharts and mind maps)

Wacom WILL is interesting, although it has an awful name for searches (finding "will Wacom do this" instead…)

On point isn't clear from a quick scan: does it work for other tablet brands? Like XP-Pen or Huion. If not, the interest is strongly low.

[EDIT] There is an online demo: http://developer-demos.wacom.com/CreativityDemo
It works, but with my XP-Pen tablet, it doesn't recognize pressure. As if I was manipulating a simple mouse, actually.
I suppose that for the purpose of this thread, it can do the job.

Im unsure about the hardware compatibility, But that is a very good point to consider.
For the documentation that I read, Wacom seemed to be pushing for very broad support, but I guess anybody looking to promote their product would say just that. It would be worth people trying it with the various hardware they have.

Personally, I have a Wacom-based Lenovo Yoga and Compatible pen. It works well for me. I didnt have pressure support either, But Im 90% certain my laptop doesnt have pressure support anyway.

Another point to consider is the license of the software.
The Web application on GitHub is only a demo for their library, which might be proprietary. I haven't seen yet where it can be grabbed (if possible).

Yeah, After looking at the Licence Agreement, Redistribution is prohibited. So you wouldn't be able to include it in a Github Repo...
Kinda feels like a dead end. Hard to support standardizing something that is closed license.

If youre still looking for the SDK Download, you can get it here (Requires a Wacom Developer account for licensing reasons)

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Ran across the pwa-inking NPM package, Check out the standard Demo and others on the npm page.

It seems like a pretty straightforward tool for having an inking canvas. It seems the ink can be exported as Strokes or a Blob, But some expansion on functionality could be useful for proper storage with file objects. It also seems to include a .png rendering functionality that could be used for exporting the notes in PDF, MD, or HTML format.

While the inking is not as fully featured as something like OneNote, It is opensource and im sure contributions are encouraged.

Could be a great option!

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I think there can be plugin with code something like this https://pwa-inking.glitch.me/ (thanks @awbmilne) inside frame to render png pictures after editing between md text rows. Problem as it mentioned @rxliuli lack of compatibility between drawing and strict text. Onenote glues it but with problems like slip off's of connections between text and svg's

I'm also extremely looking forward to this feature


Just wanna say, I switched to Joplin few days ago and I'm also looking forward to such a feature! Would be awesome!

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Only reason for me not move over to Joplin...


@laurent @PackElend Can't this issue be a potential gsoc idea ?

I would say yes but cannot tell if that can put in a plug-in.
you may start a new topic as the codebase has changes significantly compared to codebase during the OP.

@RahulMohata, are you going to create a new topic?

Basically using Joplin for all my note taking that I do on my computer. Love the quick and easy formatting via markdown and the way you can organise your notes. (Thanks devs!)

In meetings or while working on projects I always preferred to use pen and paper as it's more flexible, more polite and gives me the ability to sketch things out quickly. Recently got an iPad with pencil to go paperless...

ATM I'm using the notes app from apple and cut / paste handwriting & sketches into Joplin when back on the computer. It sort of works but the experience is not that great. I too would love to see native pen / drawing support in Joplin.

I'm new to Joplin and it's already an absolutely essential tool - I write novels. On my phone and tablet I use pen input, handwriting recognition.

Using an external program (Google Keep) and sending the image to Joplin is a good work around for me, but I would certainly support bringing that functionality into the app.

In the meantime, happy user here. Thanks, devs.

Just wanted to check in if this is anywhere remotely on the radar?

I would love SO SO MUCH to get rid of OneNote but interestingly nobody seems to care about handwritten notes :frowning:

Especially on Tablets and phones (iPhone, Galaxy Note, iPad) this would be such an essential capability and I'm unfortunately still stick with OneNote and their coersion to use their cloud.


We are currently busy with GSoC so I doubt that we can look into it in the next few months.

But maybe somebody will create a plugin. There are quite a few plugin devs out there...


This will be cool for tablets and will be more user frieldly on tablets.

I wonder if it is possible to write letters abd words and to have then be converted to text and to be able to erase text easiky with a stylus?

Maybe the ability to add jpg into the note for drawing which will be a drawing mode and have a mode where you can write with a stylus which will convert itself to text.

This will make it more tablet friendly

"I wonder if it is possible to write letters abd words and to have then be converted to text and to be able to erase text easiky with a stylus?"

This is already possible on the iPad, what tablet are you using ?

+1 for this feature as well !
I could replace notability on my iPad if I had this. Another addition to this may be the ability to add lines to the page like a ruled notebook.

Good day everyone,
I have also purchased a stylus and would appreciate this feature as well. Is there any plugin developer out there working on this?