Doubt regarding E2E encryption


I am new to Joplin, and I just downloaded the PC version, and the Android mobile version.

I created a master password on the PC and created a note. Then I synchronized it with Onedrive.
Then I logged on to my Onedrive on my mobile, and the sync was done, I got all my notes from my PC to my mobile.

So my doubt is this: What is the use of the master password if it wasn't even prompted when I synced my mobile with Onedrive?

I was expecting it to prompt for the password on mobile after the Onedrive sync, but that wasn't the case.
Are my notes E2E encrypted in my case ?

Dear Yogesh7920, please go to the Joplin website and read how it works. You may want to start at E2EE. Your experimental approach ("just install and try") alone cannot help all questions.

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