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Does joplin repo has any progress tracker or development dashboard?

I am contributing to joplin , but whenever I solved an issue or want to discuss the solution in the comment of the issue , someone has already made a PR for the issue even I am the first one on the issue to comment that I am working on this .
Maybe it's because someone is working even before I have commented on it .

So is there anyway how to know that someone is working on an issue . Is there any progress tracker something ? or do I have to first comment & wait on an issue to get that assigned to me it and then make a PR for it ? I am asking this question because I have faced this problem 1-2 times & I don't want my time get wasted on an issue on which someone is already working .

I am sorry to make a topic for this type of doubt because I don't find anything related to claiming an issue in the CONTRIBUTING.md file

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There's not enough people working on the project for this to be needed. If it happened it's quite exceptional and I think the issue you mentioned involved about two lines of changes, so it's hopefully not too bad. I don't expect such confusion would happen for large issues (at least it never did).

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Ok.. but I didn't get any update on my last comment regarding the issue so I halted for a moment because I don't want to tag someone & ask for update because everyone is busy in their own way otherwise I was ready to make a PR for it.

So to work on an issue I should first ask someone to assign it to me ?

We don't assign issues either.

ok so I have to directly make a valid PR for it