Document storage

curious about use conditions. I have a bunch of .PDF's that i'm looking to digitize. I've got a Paperless image spun up in docker, but was curious if Joplin would be an adequate substitute. Anyone tried using Joplin for this?

IMO Joplin is primarily a note taking tool and is not designed for document storage. The documents are stored as attachments to notes. There are however a lot of PDF related plugins for OCR etc.

If you have a lot of PDF documents, then paperless is better suited.

Yea, kinda what i was thinking too. Other option is to just put links to local files in my joplin notes. But then id need to store the files on a webdav server and im not sure i want to do that.

OCR for PDF attachments is part of the main app by now, but there are still some issues with that:

The good news is that you don't have to add the feature via plugin anymore.

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