Do you use AND, OR logic in your filtering queries?

I was astonished that Joplin can not implement a search query like this:

tag:A AND (tag:B OR tag:C)

As a former Evernote user, I get used to filtering with combined logic of AND + OR.

So on Evernote, it would be something like this:

tag:A any: tag:B tag:C

But in Joplin, we have only any:1 option when all multiple as OR. For example,

tag:A any:1 tag:B tag:C

Will do:

tag:A OR tag:B OR tag:C

There is no way AFAIK to implement AND + OR logic in one query.
I thought it is wrong and even create an issue. But laurent doesn't see it as a bug. Furthermore, as I understood, nobody needs this feature.

But how can it be? There are people with 10k+ notes. How can it be that so handy feature has not been used in Joplin?