Do you have a good way of using audio notes?

One thing I miss from Evernote is audio notes. You know: you hit record, then the result is attached to a note.

There are multiple threads about that on the forum, but they're old. Has anyone come up with a decent workaround on Android?

I've been using some rando generic Recorder app; then going to Joplin, making a note, clicking Attach, then digging around in the FS to find the recording (which often has a non-descriptive name).
That's quite tedious, error-prone, and makes the functionality very cumbersome to use.

Has anyone found a better way?

Not really, but i'm interested. Because of this, I unfortunately don't keep my audio recordings (small) library in Joplin

I did for a little while have an app on my phone that i did all my voice notes on, and saved the files locally, then another app that synced the voice notes from my local phone folder to my oneDrive, and then had that folder set up using the Hotfolder Plugin to import the audio files themselves into Joplin

With so many moving parts though, i set them up and ran out of capacity to constantly check that each place was getting synced correctly

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