Markdown export with images in separate folders

This is a "does Joplin do this" question...

I have about 250 notes in Joplin. I exported them all to markdown and found that all images were put into one folder (about 400 images). I was hoping to separate the markdown files (with their images) into a different, already established folder structure but, with 400 images for 250 all in one folder, that would be a lot of work. So my question:

For markdown export, is there a setting that will tell Joplin to put notes and their images into separate folders (instead of all images collected into one folder).

Basically a yes/no question. If yes, please point me to the option to turn this on.

The way Bear does this is each note/markdown file that has images gets a folder with the same name as the note/markdown file and the images go in that folder. Makes it easy to sort into different folder structures.

Thank you

macOS 10.15.7
Joplin version 1.0.241

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