Different Emoji between Mobile and Desktop

Hi when it comes to “Emoji” plugin, I can see a difference between mobile(iOS) and desktop app(Windows).

Mobile Joplin : 10.0.47 (Latest version)
Desktop Joplin : 1.0.216 (Latest version)

Emoji plugin was installed via Joplin app, in connection with below link.

But when I’m using markdown on desktop app, the result seems to be outdated-version, since the link above shows newer version.

I thought it was just an issue because Joplin is using the code from the older version of plugin.

But suprisingly when I turned on the mobile Joplin(iPhone), the Emoji comes up with the newest version, just like the complete list showing above link.

Please note that when visiting above link, at first it shows old version, but instantly changing to the new version, that is I guess a refresh.

I am wondering why the Emoji icons are different between apps, just because the code it uses is differ from the other?

Nobody is here to give an answer about this?

When I dig into the topic, noticed that even in the Windows client, Emoji seems to be different according to the browser.

See the difference between Chrome and Firefox.

Chrome(Win) and Joplin(iOS) look more likely to be the recent one(left-hand side), while Firefox(Win) and Joplin(Desktop) a bit outdated(right-hand side).

I'm dealing with this kind of difference between Joplin being used in different OS.

I was considering that it would be a helpful and nice thing if we could choose the kind of emojis that Joplin should use according to user preferences, like a theme or font option.