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I have my own idea for gsoc2020 the idea is to introduce Joplin to voice assistant services by making a chatbot with Dialogflow and integrate the Dialogflow chatbot with google assistant and Alexa. we can tell our notes or to-do list to the chatbot and the bot will store it. and we can ask about a to-do list or notes to chatbot anytime and the chatbot will reply.
Talking about privacy as Joplin values user's privacy and security the chatbot code can be hosted anywhere not on google servers and the user information like notes and to-do list can be stored on Joplin's own servers so no third party can read the data. so this Dialogflow chatbot will really take care of user's privacy and security let me know guys how the idea is? I want your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hey, I am new user of joplin and new to community. been using it from couple of months. and i like your idea of voice assistant. as a daily user of to-do list and taking notes sometimes I don’t get enough time to type the notes instead of typing talking to a voice assistant is a better idea!

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hey @sniperwhale777 you like the idea that's great! yes, when you are in hurry and you don't want to type then you can simply speak to the chatbot. :slight_smile: hopefully, you will soon see a Joplin chatbot integrated with Facebook messenger and google assistant etc services. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be perfectly blunt and honest: as an app that sells itself on privacy, integrations such as these may leave a sour taste in many users’ mouths. Facebook, Google and Amazon are all not known for being companies that respect user privacy at all; they openly encourage sharing private information for financial gain. Of course, having integration like this would be beneficial from an ease of use standpoint.

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yes its Dialogflow chatbot and user’s data gonna store in Joplin’s database not on google or Facebook servers by the way

DialogFlow might not save private information (don’t know the full extent of what it saves), but all of those voice assistants do by default and some of that cannot be directly blocked by the user if they want the apps to function properly. If other people can accept that trade off, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad idea, just not my personal taste. Thanks for sharing.


here comes my (bit late) answer but I've been doing some research and plus work kept me busy

I agree with bed that the slogan of Google "don't be evil" is not applicable anymore nowadays. The tech companies mentioned by bed playing in the same league.
As Joplin put quite a focus on privacy you have to explain in detail (not just linking to their statements, as press reports could tell you the opposite). I'm quite sure that there conversation out there giving us some more insight. I would like to see some research ongoing before we going to include any of their AI.

DialogFlow (now Google) is not the only machine learning library discussed here, e.g. TensorFlow (Google) but OpenSource and listed top at FOSSPost.org.

There is even a new kid on the block Open-Sourcing Metaflow, a Human-Centric Framework for Data Science what shall extend others AI instead of replacing.
That get me to the question of how easily can one AI replaced by another one. A recent example where this was necessary is home-assistant.io, what I follow closely. There was great integration for Snips Voice Platform but that was closed after the take over by Sonos. Luckily they came up with Almond & Ada: privacy-focused voice assistant.

So you see, many thoughts which are seeking for answers :grinning:
Moreover, AI was also discussed in other topics, so it would be great if the AI^s job could be extended to cover these ideas (at alter stage), see


Last but not least my sources



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do Joplin use telegram? because homeassistant.io has a very good integration with telegram.

After reading multiple article i agree home assistant io takes care about privacy more but for introducing Joplin to chat bot dialogflow is ease to use.

how do you want to use telegram-joplin?

i meant which integration services Joplin would like to enter , example alexa,google,telegram,facebook messenger?
this are the integrations so we can make it anytime by the way

why should we integrate telegram or facebook messenger in Joplin still don’t get it?
You want to use search vie telegram?

Nevermind facebook messenger and telegram would be useless for note app alexa and google assistant are better option when it comes to integration part

Actuelley that shall be show in the proposal, what options are there and what advantages and disadvantages they have.
Basically a proper technology screening

okay thanks i will soon send proposal :slight_smile: hopefully you guys like it :slight_smile:

When proposing this sort of thing one should always remember the wisdom shown in Jurassic Park (1993); a cinematic treatise on unforseen outcomes when technology is implemented just because it is possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should. - Dr Ian Malcolm

And we all know how that went!


A request for help: Are there any voice assistant services/software that use only local (i.e. your phone) resources? If not,

  1. What’s being done in the cloud?
  2. What different technological implementations are there for this cloud part?
  3. Any of them decentralized to preserve privacy the way some CMS or messenger services are?
  4. If not, is it generally thought possible within short-term, at all?